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Built In Chicago Features NLR

Nature's Little Recyclers was featured in Built in Chicago. In his article A “crowd funding” festival and just one Chicago start-up?, Brendan Tripp covers how NLR is preparing for the adventure to Jacksonville and One Spark

"Chicago start-up Nature’s Little Recyclers is in the “science/agriculture” category, with a program for Building an Earthworm Factory. Nature’s Little Recyclers calls itself an “Urban Vermiculture Green Tech Venture”, and has been raising earthworms, recycling coffee grounds, paper, & various other consumer waste, and producing high-quality vermicast for the compost needs of the City’s burgeoning Urban Farm movement for the past year and a half. Previously located in Chicago’s green tech incubator, The Plant, they’ve just moved out to their own location, and are looking for funds to drive their expansion."

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