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NLR Featured in Chicago Venture Magazine

Chicago Venture Magazine featured NLR in the article THEM WORMS. Read all about how worms and vermiculture is the latest in technological revolution. 

Here's a small excerpt of the article:

Anyhow, here I am at FFF – da Funding Feeding Frenzy – and Kren’s askin’ me what he missed on accounta he showed up late.  I gotta stop to think and then it come to me.  “Oh yeah, Ed Hubbard – da pollution guy.”

Kren’s practically foaming at da mouth.  “Finally some high tech.”he says. “Is it air pollution control or water purification?”


I watch Kren pause, kinda stunned.

“Oh yeah—and sewage.”

He recovers quicker than I expect and fires another question.“What’s his technology?”

I grin to myself and then let him have it. “Vermiculture.” But he shugs like I’s talkin’ Greek er somethin’ so I spell it out fer him. “W-O-R-M-S”

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