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Ten (10) Pounds of Red Worms

Ten (10) Pounds of Red Worms

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You are purchasing ten (10) pounds of live red worms, aka red wigglers. They are scientifically known as Eisenia foetida, and they are among the finest composters in the word, as they are able to devour half their body weight a day and produce rich vermicastings. In addition, they are excellent food for fish, lizards, amphibians, and other pets. These red worms are raised by Nature's Little Recyclers and fed with organic wastes in a sustainable process to provide healthy worms. 

In your order live red worms, you will receive a mixture of cocoons, hatchlings, juveniles, young adults, and mature adults. The size of each worm can range from barely a 1/10 of an inch for hatchlings to up to 4 inches long for mature adults.

Weight of worms 

Worm Count Average Range 

¼ pound 

150-250 worms 

½ pound 

300-500 worms 

1 pound 

600-1,000 worms 

2 pounds 

1,200-2,000 worms 

5 pounds

3,000-5,000 worms

10 pounds


In order to be even more sustainable, Nature's Little Recyclers ships your freshly sorted worms in a cloth bag with a minimal of starter compost and dry organic material via priority mail. To ensure you're 100% happy with your new friends, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee