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Climate Coin

Notice: This is a theoretical concept and does not constitute as advice of any kind. Nor is it a product for sale.


Companies are facing increasing scrutiny for their carbon footprint from both social and regulatory bodies, and there is no easy reliable solution to help them mitigate their carbon footprint. 
Companies trying to offset their footprint in the carbon market currently face fractured markets,  unreliable carbon credits, and find it time consuming taking away from their core business.


Creating a limited climate crypto coin that allow people to purchase the currency and turn them in for credits at near instant speed. Climate Crypto will also grow in Carbon Credits as you hold it making it increasingly valuable to stakeholders.

How Will It Work?

We will take the money received from selling the coins and invest it into real world composting infrastructure which will produce carbon credits everyday creating value for the currency. We will be the only carbon credit that will have it own infrastructure guaranteeing that every audited carbon credit is legitimate and traceable.
As Climate coin gains acceptance as a currency it will dramatically accelerate the speed carbon is offset both per coin and as a total. 

Distribution of Coins

  • The coins will be a fixed amount and no new coins will be made.
  • Want to release 30% in ICO to raise 3 million for the first infrastructure site.
  • As the coins rise in price we would release more coins to fund ever larger sites.
  • Coins could be turned in by polluters in exchange for it's current carbon credit value.

Why Invest into Climate Coin?

  • There will be a limited supply. Making it rarer then bitcoin, or etherumn.
  • It has real word applications in the offset market.
  • It will grow in carbon value over time helping increase it's underlying value.
  • Actually has a mechanism to have coins turned in concentrating the market
  • Has real world infrastructure to support the coin.
  • Climate coin will be the only coin to offset global warming.

End Goal

To create a stable currency with a growing underlying value of carbon credits that will grow in demand as groups offset their pollution.