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Meet the Worm Farmers

Ed Hubbard, Founder

Ed Hubbard, Founder, Nature's Little Recyclers

Ed Hubbard, founder of Nature’s Little Recyclers, began the business in October 2012, channeling his inspiration from a small business he had as a kid. At age 12, Ed’s first business was raising worms to sell to fishermen as fishing bait. He would sell his worms at the local beaches, including North Avenue Beach and Montrose Harbor.

In the years that passed between raising worms as a kid and now, Ed worked in law, retail management, e-commerce, and online education. His vast experiences have helped to give him a well-rounded background and many skill sets, which has proved beneficial in starting Nature's Little Recyclers. 

In the end, though, his love of worms, clean earth, and soil brought him back to raising worms and both Ed and the business has been growing ever since.

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Dale Hubbard, CEO

Dale Hubbard, CEO, Nature's Little Recyclers

Dale started at Nature's little Recyclers in 2013 while it was still in the basement of The Plant. He quickly realized the potential of earthworms after witnessing how much food they were being fed. After doing research and learning America was lagging behind the rest of the world in this field, he decided to join NLR full time.

Since then, he has grown it beyond the small 20-gallon bucket system to a large-scale system. Dale has accomplished this by developing and perfecting NLR's unique process, and his goal is to continue to increase NLR's scale as to really make an impact on the waste stream while simultaneously building local community farms.

Prior to Nature's Little Recyclers, Dale was responsible for running the day-to-day operations of Air One Respiratory. Air One was responsible for staffing respiratory therapists to various hospitals and nursing homes, including 24/7 critical care patients, and Dale was responsible for staffing over 60 employees with shifts around the clock.

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