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Classroom Worksheets and Activities

Nature’s Little Recyclers is your one-stop destination for quality classroom activities about vermicomposting. Teach your students more about the waste eco-system, the science behind composting, and fun facts about worms. This booklet is --- pages long and provides numerous activities for endless hours of fun! Fill out the form to download it today.

Hands-On Classroom Activities

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Interested in bringing the activities to life and providing your students with real hands-on composting experience? Purchase a mini-bin for the classroom, or even a mini-bin for each student. Teach students the basics of caring for their pet worms, while also showing them how compost breaks down into healthy soil.

This kit includes shredded cardboard bedding, some worm food, and a starter of compost, worms and egg cocoons, with a burlap cover to keep them feeling comfortable. 

Earthworm Mini-Bin, Shipped with Live Worms

Earthworm Mini-Bin, Shipped with Live Worms

$ 24.99

How To Set Up Your Mini-Bin

Setting up mini-bins are as easy as A, B, C, 1, 2, 3!